The Robocall: Unmasking the Scam

The Robocall: Unmasking the Scam

“The Robocall” is a gripping 10-part documentary series that chronicles the extraordinary journey of Art and Ashton, founders of Trilogy Media. From their childhood dreams and early struggles in Los Angeles to their breakthrough viral video exposing a scammer, this series delves into the heart of their mission. Follow them as they take on their most dangerous challenge yet: infiltrating and dismantling scam call centers in India, with life-threatening encounters, heartfelt stories of redemption, and an unwavering commitment to justice.

The Robocall: Unmasking the Scam
  • The Robocall: Dreams & Dial Tones (Episode 1)

    In the premiere episode of “The Robocall,” journey with Art and Ashton as they share their childhood dreams and the path that led them to Los Angeles. Discover the origins of Trilogy Media and witness the pivotal moment that changed everything: their first viral video exposing a scammer. This epi...

  • The Robocall: Kindred Spirits (Episode 2)

    Witness the evolving bond between Art and Ashton as they navigate their early struggles in Los Angeles. Despite initial differences and personal challenges, Art helps Ashton emerge from a dark place, finding his confidence and purpose. Together, they assemble a dedicated team and begin transformi...

  • AUGUST 1: The Robocall (Episode 3)

    Episode 3 of "The Robocall" drops August 1, 2024.

  • The Robocall (2024) - Official Trailer

    A gripping ten-episode true crime documentary series that charts the unexpected rise of Trilogy Media from a relatively unknown production company to internet stardom. At the heart of this series is a single, serendipitous robocall that propels the team into the murky world of global scam operati...