Ban Tei's Sacred India

Ban Tei's Sacred India

9 Episodes

From the heart of deception to the soul of India, follow the incredible journey of Ban Tei as he takes you on an exploration of the untouched wonders of Northeast India in "Ban Tei's Sacred India". Once trapped under the grip of a malevolent scam mastermind, Ban Tei's life took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with the passionate duo of Trilogy Media. Their encounter became his redemption. Now, free from the chains of deception and reunited with his family, Ban Tei channels his gratitude and newfound purpose into creating this breathtaking series.

As a dedicated member of the Trilogy Media team, Ban Tei not only shares the astonishing landscapes of his homeland but also offers viewers an intimate narrative of the rich history, culture, and spirituality that makes this region of India truly sacred. Venturing from the lush rainforests to the mesmerizing foothills of the Himalayas, every episode captures the essence of Northeast India's natural beauty and the stories that have been passed down through generations.

Dive deep into the heart of India's lesser-known treasures and experience its serenity through the eyes of someone who's experienced the darkest corners of life and emerged to find light, purpose, and home. With a combination of mesmerizing visuals, heartfelt narratives, and the authenticity of Ban Tei's own journey, "Ban Tei's Sacred India" promises a transformative experience, reminding us all of the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty that lies in redemption.

Ban Tei's Sacred India
  • Edge of Adrenaline: Trekking Mawryngkhang

    Episode 1

    Join Ban Tei on a breathtaking expedition along the Mawryngkhang Bamboo Trail, where every step is a blend of beauty and thrill. This trail is carved into the cliffside of Meghalaya, featuring precarious bamboo bridges suspended over deep gorges and lush valleys. Throughout the episode, stunning ...

  • Summit of Spirits: Journey to Kyllang Rock

    Episode 2

    Join Ban Tei on a breathtaking ascent of Kyllang Rock, a massive red granite monolith located in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Rising spectacularly from the surrounding verdant landscape, this ancient rock formation is not only a geological marvel but also a sacred site steeped in local lore...

  • A Cultural Odyssey: The Don Bosco Museum

    Episode 3

    In this enlightening episode, follow Ban Tei as he explores the halls of the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures Museum, a beacon of cultural preservation and understanding in Northeast India. Nestled in the heart of Shillong, this museum stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of indigen...

  • Shillong Peak

    Episode 4

    Ascend with Ban Tei to the majestic heights of Shillong Peak, the highest point in Meghalaya and the sentinel that oversees the sprawling cityscape below. Renowned as the 'Abode of Clouds,' this vantage point offers panoramic views that stretch beyond imagination, where city lights intertwine wit...

  • Rangkylliaw Mawrah

    Episode 5

    Venture into the unexplored terrains of Rangkylliaw Mawrah with Ban Tei as your guide. Tucked away from the well-trodden paths, this pristine region boasts landscapes that seem to spring from the pages of an ancient legend. Steeped in mysticism, Rangkylliaw Mawrah is a mosaic of rolling meadows, ...

  • Wahniangleng

    Episode 6

    Journey with Ban Tei to the enigmatic landscapes of Wahniangleng, a hidden gem nestled deep within the heart of Northeast India. Discover the undulating terrains, cascading waterfalls, and age-old traditions that have remained untouched by the hands of time. As Ban Tei traverses this mesmerizing ...

  • The Sacred Forest Of Mawphlang

    Episode 7

    Embark on a spiritual sojourn with Ban Tei as he steps into the hallowed grounds of Mawphlang's Sacred Forest. An ancient grove revered by the Khasi tribe, this verdant expanse is home to myths, legends, and nature's wonders that have stood the test of time. Wander through the forest's dense cano...

  • Umiam Lake

    Episode 8

    Set sail with Ban Tei on the serene waters of Umiam Lake, a vast reservoir that mirrors the azure skies and captures the essence of Meghalaya's ethereal beauty. Often dubbed as the 'Barapani' or the big water, this sprawling lake isn't just a sight to behold but a reservoir of tales, traditions, ...

  • Dawki River

    Episode 9

    Journey alongside Ban Tei to the captivating Dawki River, a shimmering waterway famed for its crystalline clarity and the ethereal bridge that spans its breadth. Nestled on the India-Bangladesh border, Dawki is more than a river; it's a testament to nature's artistry and the harmonious coexistenc...