On Location with Poptart

On Location with Poptart

Dive into famous movie and TV show filming locations and fandom with Amanda aka "Poptart"

On Location with Poptart
  • On Location: LA Comic-Con

    Join Amanda, aka "Poptart," on a thrilling new episode of On Location as she dives deep into the vibrant world of fandoms. In this special episode, Amanda teams up with Ryan and Hood from Trilogy Media to explore the latest LA Comic-Con. With her extensive knowledge of film and TV trivia, Amanda ...

  • Behind the Screams: Horror Fandom

    👻 Welcome back, horror enthusiasts! This time, our effervescent host Amanda, fondly known as "Poptart," brings you an episode dripping with thrills and chills! Join her as she delves into the eerie world of Nightmare on Elm Street, explores the passionate horror fandom, and converses with fellow ...

  • On Location: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Amanda "Poptart" Muttart explores filming locations from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"