• Bug Busters

    Follow the adventures of Wrench, Ace, and Dex, as they take over the world one infestation at a time.

  • Stalkers

    A raunchy comedy about two misfit best friends talking about life, Star Wars and women while following and stalking a woman in their creeper van.

  • Sightline

    A blind woman being held captive must use her heightened sense of touch to escape.

  • Turning Point

    A coming-of-age tale of three friends and the high school road trip that will forever influence their lives.

  • Easy Money

    When vulnerable artist Tyler Mason has nowhere else to turn, he is recruited into an unexpected trio to conduct one of the most innovative money counterfeiting schemes to ever hit the market.

  • The Last Couple On Earth

    The last couple on Earth debate the future of humanity.

  • The Brute Killer

    A young man sets off on a hunting expedition to kill a brute, a monstrosity of an alien similar to the one that killed his mother. After injuring himself during the chase, his prey nurses him back to health, causing him to question the hatred that has driven him for so many years. A short fantasy...

  • Is This a Date?

    The terrifying question of every introvert: Is This a Date? Check out one of the very first low-budget projects made my Dexter after his move to Los Angeles!

  • The Venom Brothers

    In this gritty, psychological thriller, Nathan and Damien are estranged foster brothers, plagued by the bitter memories of their tragic past. The swelling terror surrounding their hate, lies and secrecy, boils over in this eleventh hour, with a shocking ending that will jolt the masses.