Halloween Sting House

Halloween Sting House

Unlock the full story behind Trilogy Media's groundbreaking Halloween Sting House operation. Dive deeper than ever before with a treasure trove of bonus content that showcases both the high-stakes action and the emotional investment of the team. From never-before-seen footage of scammer and predator catches to unaired scambaits and predator bait calls, this collection offers an unparalleled look into the intricacies of online crime-fighting. Our vlogs give you a behind-the-scenes tour, capturing the challenges, adrenaline, and victories that come with standing up against the dangers lurking online. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer, this playlist is the ultimate companion to our main series, offering a comprehensive and compelling look at our commitment to justice and online safety.

Halloween Sting House
  • Dexter's Debriefs | Halloween Sting House

    Dexter debriefs the Halloween sting house weekend in Los Angeles, California with stories, updates, behind the scenes, and reactions to the public reception.

  • Hunting a Refund Scammer at Our Sting House [UNCENSORED]

    Today we’re in Los Angeles, California, hunting down scammers at our Halloween cash mule sting house, joined by the legendary Skeeter Jean & Courtney Elizxbeth

  • Keith the Cash Mule (Follow-Up)

    Follow-up call with Keith the cash mule after the bust.

  • Skeeter Jean Interview

    Join us for an unmissable Trilogy+ exclusive as we sit down with Skeeter Jean, the undercover investigator who played a crucial role in our jaw-dropping Halloween sting operation. Skeeter takes us behind the scenes, sharing riveting insights and moments that didn't make it into the original video...

  • Courtney Elizxbeth Interview

    Get an inside look at our heart-stopping Halloween sting operation in this Trilogy+ exclusive interview with Courtney Elizabeth, one of the brave investigators who helped bring down scammers and child predators. Courtney reveals the meticulous preparation, the emotional toll, and the high-stakes ...