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  • Dexter's Debriefs | Halloween Sting House

    Dexter debriefs the Halloween sting house weekend in Los Angeles, California with stories, updates, behind the scenes, and reactions to the public reception.

  • Mean Comments: S2E3

    Join the dynamic duo, Art and Ashton, as they dive headfirst into the wild world of their online comment section. Each episode features our fearless hosts reading out some of the most outrageous, hilarious, stupid, and sometimes downright mean comments from their videos. Watch as they react in th...

  • The Wildest Chapsizing In Trilogy Media History

    Witness the longest, wildest and most intense Chapsizing in the history of Trilogy Media. This complete unedited segment was pulled from the Nov 21, 2023 live stream. Buckle up and enjoy!

  • Scammer Tries to Hide Barking Dogs | Scamanigans

    Nonsense scammers meet boisterous shenanigans from the Trilogy Media live stream vault.

  • Sewer Rat Scammer - Bonus Content

    6 items

    Join Trilogy Media for a heart-pounding chase as we track down a cunning scammer money mule on the run with $200,000 in stolen funds. Our latest adventure kicks off in a bustling hotel, where we narrowly miss capturing the scammer amidst a web of deceit and escape routes. The pursuit intensifies ...

  • Lights SCAMera Action! [Dexter Christmas Edition]

    Wasting scammers' time with movie quotes.

  • Interrupting Scammers (Part 1)

    Interrupting scammers until they rage quit.

  • Ash & Deyo vs Scammers | Scamanigans

    Nonsense scammers meet boisterous shenanigans from the Trilogy Media live stream vault.

  • Hunting a Refund Scammer at Our Sting House [UNCENSORED]

    Today we’re in Los Angeles, California, hunting down scammers at our Halloween cash mule sting house, joined by the legendary Skeeter Jean & Courtney Elizxbeth

  • Halloween Sting House

    4 items

    Unlock the full story behind Trilogy Media's groundbreaking Halloween Sting House operation. Dive deeper than ever before with a treasure trove of bonus content that showcases both the high-stakes action and the emotional investment of the team. From never-before-seen footage of scammer and preda...

  • Skeeter Jean Interview

    Join us for an unmissable Trilogy+ exclusive as we sit down with Skeeter Jean, the undercover investigator who played a crucial role in our jaw-dropping Halloween sting operation. Skeeter takes us behind the scenes, sharing riveting insights and moments that didn't make it into the original video...

  • SCAM JAMS: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

    Wasting scammers' time with song lyrics. How far can Art & Ash get through the lyrics before the scammer hangs up?

  • Scamming from the Toilet | Scamanigans

    Nonsense scammers meet boisterous shenanigans from the Trilogy Media live stream vault.

  • Predator Confronted In Bubble Bath (Uncensored & Extended)

    Venture into one of the most shocking episodes yet on Trilogy Plus. In this extended, uncensored version that's too raw for YouTube, the Trilogy Media team unearths the chilling antics of a child predator lurking in unexpected places. Watch as the dark corners of the web come to life, culminating...

  • Chappy & Morty vs Psycho Scammers | Scamanigans

    Nonsense scammers meet boisterous shenanigans from the Trilogy Media live stream vault.

  • Shillong Peak

    Ascend with Ban Tei to the majestic heights of Shillong Peak, the highest point in Meghalaya and the sentinel that oversees the sprawling cityscape below. Renowned as the 'Abode of Clouds,' this vantage point offers panoramic views that stretch beyond imagination, where city lights intertwine wit...

  • Romance Scam Victim: Leah's Story (Bonus Content)

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    Extended & Uncensored: Scam victim Leah confronts her catfish scammer

  • Behind the Screams: Horror Fandom

    👻 Welcome back, horror enthusiasts! This time, our effervescent host Amanda, fondly known as "Poptart," brings you an episode dripping with thrills and chills! Join her as she delves into the eerie world of Nightmare on Elm Street, explores the passionate horror fandom, and converses with fellow ...

  • Rangkylliaw Mawrah

    Venture into the unexplored terrains of Rangkylliaw Mawrah with Ban Tei as your guide. Tucked away from the well-trodden paths, this pristine region boasts landscapes that seem to spring from the pages of an ancient legend. Steeped in mysticism, Rangkylliaw Mawrah is a mosaic of rolling meadows, ...

  • SKELETON SYSKEY | Interview

    Exclusive interview with Skeleton Syskey at The People's Call Center 2023.

    Subscribe to Skeleton Syskey's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@SkeletonSyskey

  • Scammers Hacked and Confronted at The People’s Call Center [UNCENSORED]

    Join us on a nail-biting journey into the heart of scam operations at The People's Call Center! In this episode, we go beyond the call center and trace the roots of deception to confront not one, but TWO scammer cash mules in person. Witness the tension, the risks, and the ultimate satisfaction o...

  • Raging Scammer is Racist | Scamanigans

    Nonsense scammers meet boisterous shenanigans from the Trilogy Media live stream vault.

  • Exploring the Dark Web (EXTENDED)

    Extended version of exploring the dark web with 0Day and John Hammond

  • 0DAY (Ryan Montgomery) | Interview

    Exclusive interview with Ryan Montgomery (0Day) at the People's Call Center 2023
    >> https://www.instagram.com/0day/
    >> https://pentester.com/