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Brace yourself for an exclusive peek into the future of Trilogy Media! From gripping true crime investigations to heart-pounding documentaries and innovative series, we’re gearing up to bring you the most compelling stories that are sure to captivate, educate, and entertain.

  • JULY 26: Caught In the Web | Season Finale

    In a shocking new episode of Trilogy Plus’ “Caught in the Web,” Courtney Elizxbeth delves into the unsettling case of Imad Drihmi. From the outside, Imad appears to be a devoted father and husband, living a quiet life in Philadelphia, PA, where he works. However, beneath this facade lies a distur...

  • AUGUST 1: The Robocall (Episode 3)

    Episode 3 of "The Robocall" drops August 1, 2024.