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  • Scammers FREAK OUT When We HACK Their Computers & Webcams

    Getting revenge on the Nigerian scammers pretending to be Trilogy Media. We hack their computers and their webcams to expose them.

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  • Spam or Slam (Ash vs Banana Pants)

    This is what happens when you combine pre-drinking with a drinking game. Can confirm - Ash & Banana Pants are both cringing right now.

  • Confronting a Reckless Driver In Traffic

    This man was driving his company car over 45 mph, running multiple stop signs, through a neighborhood with children present - in his company car. So Ashton tells him off.

  • Ash's EPIC Scammer Roast | Scamanigans

    Nonsense scammers meet boisterous shenanigans from the Trilogy Media live stream vault.

  • On Location: LA Comic-Con

    Join Amanda, aka "Poptart," on a thrilling new episode of On Location as she dives deep into the vibrant world of fandoms. In this special episode, Amanda teams up with Ryan and Hood from Trilogy Media to explore the latest LA Comic-Con. With her extensive knowledge of film and TV trivia, Amanda ...

  • Scammer Tricked Into Doing Naked Video Chat

    Scammer exposed like never before - raw & uncensored!

  • Mean Comments: S2E5 (feat. IRLRosie)

    Join the dynamic duo, Art and Ashton, with special guest star IRLRosie, as they dive headfirst into the wild world of their online comment section. Each episode features our fearless hosts reading out some of the most outrageous, hilarious, stupid, and sometimes downright mean comments from their...

  • Dexter's Debriefs | Chihuahua Transcripts

    Dexter breaks down the final transcripts from the February 1st court debacle.

    Transcript PDF:

    Murder Case Article:

  • Bugs

    An unexpected Houston surprise.

  • Evan's Story - Extended Interview

    Get an exclusive, in-depth look at Evan's experience as an unwitting money mule in Sacramento, California. In this extended interview, Evan opens up about how he was drawn into the scammer's deceitful scheme, his emotional journey upon discovering the truth, and the steps he's taking to move forw...

  • Scam Victims Get Revenge on Romance Scammer

    We’re traveling around the country to hunt a romance scammer, confront his cash mules, and return scammed money back to their rightful owners.

  • Douglas's Story - Extended Interview

    Get an exclusive, in-depth look at Douglas's experience as an unwitting money mule in Houston, Texas. In this extended interview, Douglas opens up about his past, and how he was drawn into the scammer's deceitful scheme.

  • CatAleah Gets A New Friend!

    In the season 2 premiere of "CatAleah's Critters," join CatAleah as she welcomes an adorable new baby deer to her wildlife sanctuary.

  • Lottery Scammer Pranked & Confronted at Luxury Hotel (UNCENSORED)

    *Cash mule's face remains censored for her safety*
    We have a scammer on their way to our hotel room right now. They think they’re about to steal $150,000 from a dying old man, but instead, they’re gonna meet Trilogy Media confronted face to face. We’ve rigged this hotel room with hidden cameras. ...

  • Trilogy vs Predator: High School Sweetheart | Artie [47]

    In this harrowing second episode of the season, the team confronts one of its most unsettling cases yet. Artie, a 47-year-old man from Industry, CA, is caught in a sting operation as he attempts a clandestine meeting with what he believes is a 13-year-old girl. This episode takes a deeply emotion...

  • Uber Driver Shot and Killed During Scam Confrontation [UNCENSORED]

    In a devastating twist of fate, a simple phone scam spirals into a deadly confrontation in South Charleston, Ohio. In this gripping episode, Trilogy Media delves into the tragic story of 81-year-old William Brock and 61-year-old Uber driver Lo-Letha Hall, whose life was cut short by a scam that w...

  • Full TMZ Interview | Ohio Tragedy

    Ashton & Art's full and unedited interview with TMZ about the Ohio scam tragedy.

  • Summit of Spirits: Journey to Kyllang Rock

    Join Ban Tei on a breathtaking ascent of Kyllang Rock, a massive red granite monolith located in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Rising spectacularly from the surrounding verdant landscape, this ancient rock formation is not only a geological marvel but also a sacred site steeped in local lore...

  • A Deep Dive on Online Crime (Dark Web)

    Last time we ventured into the dark web, we thought we had seen it all. We were wrong. Join us, Art and Ashton from Trilogy Media, as we dive deeper into the dark web's hidden depths in this thrilling follow-up. Guided once again by the notorious hacker Ryan Montgomery, aka 0day, we uncover secre...

  • Season Finale In Japan!

    Prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the season finale of 'CatAleah's Critters' on Trilogy+, as CatAleah takes us on a spectacular journey to Japan! This special over-an-hour-long episode is a thrilling blend of culture, creatures, and creativity.

    Join CatAleah as she explores the bustling ...

  • 40 Club
    1 season

    40 Club

    1 season

    40 Club is an exhilarating new series on Trilogy Plus that defies the conventional boundaries of age, featuring Art Kulik of Trilogy Media and David McClellan from Social Catfish. As they both embrace the milestone of turning 40, this dynamic duo embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures th...

  • Sheila Speaks: The Full Story Behind the Scam (Uncut Interview)

    Exclusively on Trilogy Plus, experience the raw and unfiltered journey of Sheila, a woman who faced the unimaginable in the depths of an online romance scam.

    Watch the full, uncut interview filmed in the scenic yet poignant backdrop of Mazatlán, Mexico. Sit down with us as Sheila shares her hea...